I Challenge You to a duel...except its coding

Learned something new and not sure what to do with your new programming skill? Try one of our challenges!

When you get stuck, remember 'impossible' can be split to be 'I'm possible' and 'can't' has a good amount of 'can' in it.

These challenges are not only meant to challenge you, but to give you a bit on inspiration on what you can do with your new programming skills. Try to put your own spin on things!

Blog Page - HTML / CSS

Create a blog page! It can be about anything you want it to: favorite music, best tv shows, places you have gone, places you are planning to go to, a story you are writing, etc.. Check out The Moz Blog and TechCrunch as examples.

Create a Landing Page - HTML / CSS

Landing Pages are used to tell you about a particular product, and tend to be only one page websites. In this challenge, try creating a landing page for an imaginary product. For inspiration take a look at Apple's and Digital Ocean's landing pages.

Digital Restaurant - HTML / CSS

Try creating a site for an imaginary Restaurant. The restaurant can be named and serve whatever you want it to. It could be something you have made up all on your own, or it could be taken from a book. Maybe try making Mrs. Weasley's Restaurant's website (from Harry Potter), or Nabbi's Restaurant's website (from Magnus Chase). Some real world restaurant sites include Olive Garden and Jamba Juice.

Other sites that challenge coders


HackerRank contains hundreds of challenges for many coding languages, including Swift, Javascript, Java and more. You will need to create an account to user HackerRank.

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Frontend Mentor

Frontend Mentor contains hundreds of challenges for frontend developers (HTML, CSS and Javascript). It is used to help developers create professional web applications.

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